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Stan Hunkovic


Thank you Andy Harris for fighting for the return of my children abducted to Trinidad and Tobago in direct violation of a US Court order. Thank you for fighting for Gabriel and Anastasia Hunkovic return. Thank you for fighting for America's Children. ❤ #BringGabandAnaHomeNOW

Lea D. 

Veteran's Spouse

Last year my husband was having issues with the Veterans Admin. over health issues! ONE CALL to your office and all was taken care of in LESS THAN 24 hours! Thank you very much for your help, it was a LIFESAVER! YOU HAVE OUR CONTINUED SUPPORT!

American flag waving
Calvin & Debby Taylor

Taylor's Produce

Congressman Harris works directly with the people of the District. He doesn't spend all of his time in Washington. He works hard and tirelessly to help. In our case, he helped us get our money back, and it took seven years. He was there, working for seven years on our case.

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Aubrey Vincent

Lindy's Seafood

Andy lives in the District. He's part of our community. That's part of what makes him so effective. When we realized what was going to happen with the H2B Visas this year, and we realized that we had a crisis on our hands, Andy Harris's office was the first office that responded, and he was the the first person to step up and speak on the issue, and he's continued that support throughout the process. We've been very, very fortunate to have his support.

Keith Graffius

Crabi Gras

Congressman Harris understands that life doesn't begin and end in Washington, DC. He understands that he can help me as a small business person by cutting taxes and cutting regulations and letting me go to work and do what I need to do to grow my business, without the interference of DC.

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Bob Cassilly

Harford County Executive

As a fellow veteran, Congressman Andy Harris knows that while we need to fight for a safer world, we should not compromise the safety of our families. I stand with him in opposing sanctuaries for violent and criminal illegal immigrants, and in supporting the deportation of dangerous gang members and human traffickers who are in this country illegally. But I am also proud that he is willing to open our doors for those seeking refuge from persecution and war-torn countries, but only under rigorous Homeland Security procedures that properly screen for terrorists.

Military Humvee
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