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Why Andy

In the first TV commercial for the 2018 General Election, 4 residents of District 1 give us quick reasons on why you should vote to reelect Andy Harris on November 6th.

Chuck & Debby Taylor

Keith Graffius

Aubrey Vincent

Andy Fights Relentlessly

Meet the Taylor's of Taylor's Produce. The IRS knocked on their door the day after they mailed the invitations to their daughter's wedding. At first the IRS said they were just there to ask a few questions about their banking practices and the Taylors invited them in and answered all of them. At the end of the conversation, the IRS told them that they had already seized their entire business bank account.

The Taylor's were in shock and completely devastated. Congressman Andy Harris was the second call they made. Within a few weeks, Andy went out to their farm in Preston and met with them to go over what the IRS had done. Andy apologized for the harm the IRS had done and was doing to them at the time and understood the that this was an entire summer's work - their money, their livelihood.

Andy went back to Washington DC and went to work for the Taylors. He worked with President Obama's and President Trump's administrations - working through all the channels he had to be an effective voice for the Taylors. The Taylor's even went to Washington to testify with Andy by their side. It took almost 7 years to get their money back, but Andy never gave up, never stopped fighting.

In the Taylor's words: "Andy was there through it all, and when issues matter to the people of the District, Congressman Harris is the man for the job. He stuck with us, and we're going to stick with him."

Andy Cares About Small Businesses

When Aubrey Vincent realized there was going to be a problem with getting her annual visa employees, she reached out to Andy Harris.


"He came out to our facility, investigated the problem, made sure he understood the issue, got to know us, all so that he could give us accurate representation in Washington. He really listens and cares and it's shown throughout this process.

Andy has been one of the loudest voices on having the issue resolved and has helped to keep Eastern Shore businesses operating. The 1st District and seafood businesses are both unique and Andy has taken the time and invested resources to really know what it is that we need here on the Eastern Shore - and we value that highly."

In Washington D.C., Andy went to work on the Appropriations Committee fighting for additional Visas for this year and leading the charge to fix the problem for next year. Keeping Aubrey and other seafood businesses up to date about the progress every step of the way.

"We really feel like we have a personal relationship with Andy Harris and his office. He lives in the District and he's accessible to us. He's helped to keep crabs on the table of Marylanders. Without him, I don't know where we'd be this year." ~Aubrey Vincent

Tex Reform & the Economy

Like many small business owners, Keith had a good business idea, but didn't trust the economy 4 years ago to move forward. He started to get more excited as Governor Hogan took office in 2015 and when Trump was elected he started to look into his idea more. The Tax Reform bill gave him the final encouragement to start his new idea which actually helped him expand on his current business.

In Keith's words, "Congressman Andy Harris is helping my business to grow by voting to pass smart tax cuts. Now the economy is booming and Marylanders have more money to spend." He continues, "I see Congressman Harris focused on our District spending his time understanding how to help businesses grow and create jobs." 

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